Search Information

I have added an advanced search form to the website. When typing in a keyword, name or place give the search form a few seconds time (when you did not press enter or click the search glass) and it will give you a few results that you may be searching for. Doing this will give you a few more results which otherwise you may have missed when typing in a word and press enter.

  1. You can search per name of a individual (example serial killer, victim or actor who portrayed them) or go to Person Database page.
  2. You can search per country (example Australia, Germany, France …). All English related movies, series or documentaries are listed under “United Kingdom”. For Americans, you better search per State or City.
  3. You can search per Movie name, some are international however when available I added an English translation of the title.
  4. You can search per “Tag” (that I predefined), if you are looking for a particular theme. Example I have added a few tags to movies like “Cop turned Killers” on movies that portray policemen who ended being a serial killer. “Child Murder” or “Child Murderer” for killers that targeted children. “Army” if it is anything Army related such as soldier that was murdered or were the suspect. Try to enter general keywords to find these tags.
  5. You can search for any word you’d like but it is possible you miss out on a few, try the above first.

You can find Categories here.

Currently the website is DAILY UPDATED. So if you first searched something and you did not find any result, you may find one in the upcoming days.